Party discipline, law won’t yield to Sun’s status

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/25 0:13:39

The Xinhua News Agency reported Monday that Sun Zhengcai, former secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), is under investigation for "serious discipline violation" by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) of the CPC, according to a decision by the CPC Central Committee.

It was announced on July 15 that Chen Min'er had been appointed to replace Sun. There has been speculation over Sun's future career since then. The inspection leadership group of the CPC Central Committee pointed out serious problems in Chongqing when they made inspections there in 2013, and from 2016 to the beginning of this year. So it has not come as a surprise to the public that Sun is under investigation.

Sun is the first Political Bureau member to be investigated since the 18th CPC National Congress. He was known for his achievements at a relatively young age among high-ranking officials, and barely witnessed any political setbacks before. Obviously, he has failed to rein in his power and control his swelling selfish desires.

China's anti-corruption fight has won high authority. All Party members are equal before Party discipline, and all citizens are equal before the law. But a few high-level officials may have overestimated their status as well as underestimating the authority of CPC discipline and the law.

Sun's downfall is regrettable. If he views his power as responsibility given by the Party and the people, and insists on the principle of serving the people, he would have avoided such a fate.

Today, the way that the CPC manages officials has been institutionalized. Major issues can be exposed through various examination and check mechanisms, and those who are strict in discipline will be safe. The Party encourages officials to work in an unselfish and innovative way. The inspection work must be strengthened and whistleblowers will also serve as a sword of Damocles.

It is unclear which Party disciplines Sun has violated or whether he also violated the law. But the problems associated with him must be so serious that the CPC Central Committee launched the investigation into him at this time.

We believe the CPC Central Committee and the CCDI will handle Sun's case prudently, and will never wrong or appease anyone. The investigation into Sun will have some impacts. But we believe that China's political and social framework can withstand them.

Being responsible for Sun's reputation, discipline and prosecution authorities may not be as quick as the public expects in publishing the investigation results in this Internet era. We call for the public to be patient over Sun's case at the current stage. Let's say no to rumors, and trust the investigations by the CCDI and the final decisions by the CPC Central Committee. We need to be unified with the CPC Central Committee, because it is a force for the good of the country.

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