156 overseas NGOs register in China since new law took effect

By Deng Xiaoci Source:Global Times Published: 2017/7/26 0:08:39

Overseas NGOs claim police are efficient and helpful in registration

Chen Yuejian, chief delegate of HoltChina, a US NGO focused on child welfare in China, presents a thank-you banner to the overseas NGO management office of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau on July 12. Photo: Courtesy of the overseas NGO management office

Some 156 overseas NGOs have registered in the Chinese mainland since a new law took effect this year, government data has shown.

Many overseas NGOs expressed that they are so far pleased with the registration service delivered by China's Ministry of Public Security, claiming that the process has been smooth.

According to data revealed on online platform ngo.mps.gov.cn, launched by the Ministry of Public Security, 156 NGOs from outside the Chinese mainland have successfully registered with police authorities across the country, while 54 such organizations have established representative offices in Beijing.

Some 189 temporary activities by overseas NGOs have been approved, with clear information on when and where such activities will be held.

China's new law on overseas NGOs took effect on January 1, stipulating that overseas NGOs had to secure approval from Chinese authorities before they could operate on the Chinese mainland.

"On average, more than a dozen NGOs successfully complete their registration with us each month, and the number is steadily rising," Duan Jianqiang, a police liaison officer at the NGO management office of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, told the Global Times Tuesday.

On June 30, the office granted registration certificates and certificates for chief delegates to 15 NGOs.

The list includes the Ford Foundation from the US, ClientEarth from the UK, and the Korean Film Council from South Korea.

Courteous service

A Chinese office administration manager surnamed Liang at the Korean Film Council, who was in charge of the organization's registration, told the Global Times that the whole process was surprisingly smooth, and during the two-month period it took to prepare documentation, the Beijing police delivered "personal and courteous service."

"They would call us to provide guidance and to follow up the procedure patiently," Liang said, adding that such great service from the MPS department makes the Korean NGO feel more recognized and appreciated than before.

Police authorities continue to facilitate the organizations' operation in many fields after the registration, even streamlining the visa renewal process for the overseas chief representatives.

The certificate specially issued for their chief delegates can be used directly for applying for Chinese work permits, and not only will the certificate holder be treated as a foreign expert for the work permit application, but they can also get the application done in the office building on the first floor, Duan said.

"The officers were very supportive during the fast registration process and with the chief delegate certificate, I could renew my work visa here in no more than three weeks," Lim Jeong-hee, the chief delegate of the Korea Copyright Commission told the Global Times.

Lim said she was very appreciative of the convenient visa policy, as her family is also here with her in Beijing and their family visas depend on hers.

The management office also provides special document for overseas NGOs for their banking needs in a bid to shorten their waiting time in financial institutions, said Duan.

"We set no hoops at all for NGOs to jump through, as the handbook for the registration process is on the MPS website, the NGO registration WeChat account is in both English and Chinese, and the officers in the NGO management office are here to provide their best services," Duan said.

He said many NGOs have given them silk banners with thank you messages, adding that there are so many of these banners that the office has no place to hang them.

For those with complete documents, there is always a green light and no hassles at all on the police side, Duan stressed.


Newspaper headline: 156 overseas NGOs register in China since law took effect

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