US to pay for unjust ban on Chinese firms

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/23 23:08:39

The US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control said Tuesday that the US will impose sanctions on 10 entities, including six Chinese and one Russian, and six individuals, one of whom is Chinese, for their alleged assistance to North Korea's nuclear and missile program. This is the second time this year that the US has imposed sanctions against Chinese companies and individuals. In June, the US blacklisted the Bank of Dandong, accusing it of laundering money for Pyongyang.

The US resorts to domestic laws to sanction Chinese companies and people, which severely violates international law and cannot be accepted by China. So far the US sanctions have exerted little impact on China, but it breaks the rules and offends China.

If the US has evidence of Chinese companies or individuals violating UN Security Council resolutions, it can go through US sanctions committees or China-US diplomatic channels.

China is strictly implementing UN Security Council resolutions on North Korea. It will cut off imports of North Korean coal, iron ore and other goods. If any Chinese companies trade with North Korea in violation of UN Security Council sanctions, they will be punished by Chinese law.

North Korea's development of nuclear weapons and missiles also jeopardizes China's interests. The Chinese government will never encourage or shield any companies that secretly deal with North Korea. No one in Chinese society would oppose the outside world supervising China-North Korea trade or if they report on those violating UN Security Council resolutions to the Chinese government.

But the US has acted beyond its authority and its unilateral sanctions are unreasonable. For one thing, how could Washington be confident about the illegal trade between China and North Korea? For another, who grants Washington the right to make judgments on which companies violate UN Security Council resolutions?

Through unilateral sanctions, Washington aims to tarnish the international image of China and Russia in sanctioning Pyongyang and portray the two as violators of UN sanctions. It also wants to skip its own responsibility in the North Korean nuclear issue.

China has made the most efforts in sanctioning North Korea, while the US has never shown appreciation to Chinese companies which suffered losses from the sanctions. The Western opinion sphere should try to discover, what - besides making threats - the US has done to solve the thorny nuclear issue.

The UN Security Council resolutions do not ban normal trade between China and North Korea in the civil and humanitarian fields. But many Americans hold a deep-rooted belief that sanctions on North Korea mean a full embargo. They only want to drive North Korea to a standstill.

Many US and Western media outlets reported that the latest sanctions do not target China's big banks, implying that the US did not fully let China down. It seems that China is so trustworthy and reasonable that some Westerners believe they could stir up trouble with China at will.

But the reality is that China can choose whether and how to retaliate against the US given how Chinese companies are hurt. The Chinese government has the obligation to speak for the country's legitimate companies. Washington had better restrain itself.

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