Gay marriage proposal on subway ends with slap

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/27 19:08:39

A marriage proposal between two men on a subway in Chengdu, Sichuan Province got an unpleasant reception from one disapproving passenger, media reported Friday.

In the 82-second clip taken by a passenger, a man kneels in front of his boyfriend carrying a bouquet of roses, while another man appears to preside over the impromptu ceremony in the somewhat empty train car.

However, the joyous moment is cut short when a middle-aged woman begins shouting at the trio and pointing in disapproval.

The unhappy commuter and the ceremony's witness start arguing. "If you don't like the way it looks then don't look," the third man said.

Tensions climax when the woman slaps the man, who then motions to strike the woman but is held back by the couple.

Some social media users expressed support for the couple, while others condemned the commuter for resorting to violence. 

"I don't understand. Why can't gay men enjoy the same right as other couples?" asked "VzhaoV."

"It is normal that older people are relatively conservative. But does she as a bystander have the right to criticize others' love?" commented "Chuoenanpiao."

"If people feel uncomfortable about proposals in public, they could express their disapproval in other proper ways. Hitting, however, is never allowed," posted "Titoxiansheng."

Similar public proposals have attracted attention to the issue of gay marriage in China in the past.

A proposal between two men on a Beijing subway in September 2015 was met with support from netizens.


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