Internet companies inclined to put Party members in key positions: report

By Qu Qiuyan Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/30 22:08:39

China's popular websites are inclined to put Party members in key management positions, following authorities' push to establish Party branches in the Internet industry.

Since the second half of 2016, some well-known Internet companies including Qingting FM, Panda TV, and have set up their own Communist Party of China (CPC) sub-committees, and other companies, including Bilibili, a leading video platform in China, are promoting Party building work within their organizations, the Jiefang Daily reported on Tuesday.

Unlike the traditional sectors, the Internet industry is not only a strategic sector to support the economy, but also a source of online information, the report said, citing participants of a Party construction meeting held at an Internet company in Shanghai on Monday.

Statistics show that Shanghai's software and information service sector generated an annual income of more than 690 billion yuan ($104 billion) in 2016, an increase of 14.1 percent over the previous year, with more than 680,000 people working in the sector, the report said.

Zhuang Deshui, a deputy director of the Research Center for Government Integrity-Building at Peking University, told the Global Times on Wednesday that Internet companies play a significant role in China's public voice and information dissemination.

"The Party branches and committees within companies will further supervise these Internet companies to guarantee a healthier Internet environment," said Zhuang.

Baidu, China's largest online search engine, has 3,600 registered CPC members, and, one of China's largest online retailers, has 2,086 members from 82 Party branches, China National Radio reported in October 2016.

"These Internet companies can communicate better with the government via the Party branches, which is urgently needed for them to better understand the latest government policies," said Zhuang.

"Most of Internet company employees are young people. The Party building within the companies will help shape the mainstream culture and benefit the long-term development of the companies," the Jiefang Daily quoted a CEO at a Shanghai company as saying.


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