Couple with 7 daughters on trial for buying baby boy to carry on family name

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/11 19:03:40

A couple from Shantou, South China's Guangdong Province with seven daughters is on trial for buying a baby boy to carry on the husband's name.

The couple was arrested by local police after they spent nearly 100,000 yuan ($15,374) on the baby boy and are now on trial for buying an abducted child. The court has not yet given its verdict, local Meizhou Television reported. Eight other people involved in the case are also facing child trafficking charges.

At their trial at the People's Court of Fengshun county, they confessed that they went to "adopt" the boy from a Meizhou man surnamed Wang on November 24. The husband, surnamed Chen, claimed that he had asked Wang several times to assure him that the boy should have not been abducted. The pair claim that the money was paid to the birth parents to cover the cost of the boy's living expenses prior to the "adoption."

Chen told Meizhou Television that the couple has seven daughters and they decided to adopt a boy to carry on the husband's family name.

A police investigation found that the boy was sold by a couple from Southwest China's Yunnan Province to a man surnamed Peng, who then sold the child to Wu. Wu earned around 7,000 yuan when the boy was finally sold to the couple by Wang. Peng, Wu and Wang are all on trail.

A total of 1,274 missing Chinese children have been located over the past year following the launch of an app in May 2016. The app helps to ensure the sharing of information with the public by sending prompt notifications about missing children, including photos and descriptions. The app also encourages witnesses to report the whereabouts of children.

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