Bringing a clearer Party understanding to children at school level

By Shan Jie Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/26 23:46:06

The Communist Party of China's (CPC) national children's organization has said it will improve the leadership of young children by sending cadres to local schools.

The move was an innovative manner to help combine children's own ideas with the Chinese dream, said experts.

The China Young Pioneers' (CYP) National Working Commission published a notice on Monday calling for cadres to go to grass-roots schools to get a better understanding of the general needs of Young Pioneers in their work and to help the organization with its reforms, the organization's official website said on Tuesday.

The real purpose of this campaign is to "learn about the thinking and study conditions of children so as to help them understand and follow the Party and strengthen their sense of honor," the website said.

One of the things CYP cadres working at the county- to national-level are being told to do is to spend at least 10 days each semester working with grass-roots primary or high schools.

They are to focus on the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and connecting directly with young pioneers and teachers in advancing Young Pioneer reforms.

"The campaign could help guide and improve children's personal ideals and ideas about the Chinese dream and the overall rejuvenation of China," said Su Wei, a professor at the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee's Party School.

Su noted that the market economy has lead to values that are based on money and reputation, and this can be seen in some primary school students.

"Problems with bureaucratization and losing touch with reality have appeared among young people. Even some primary school elections have been tainted by bribery with candy, ice cream or even cash," said Su, adding that they need to change the CYP's working style and contact more with the masses.

A reform plan appeared back in March from the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the Education Ministry and the CYP national work committee, on how to make the national Chinese children's organization more attractive, cohesive and influential.

The CYP was founded in 1949 under CPC leadership and is a national organization for Chinese children aged 6 -14, mostly in primary and secondary schools.

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