Lessons to be drawn from Sun Zhengcai’s fall

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/9/30 0:23:39

Sun Zhengcai, the former secretary of Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has been expelled from the Party and dismissed from public office for "serious discipline violations," the Xinhua News agency reported Friday.

The alarming details of Sun's violation are revealed in a report reviewed and approved at a meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. Sun showed no sign of repentance or a reversal following the launch of China's ironclad anti-corruption drive since the 18th National Congress of the CPC in 2012. The investigation found Sun had betrayed Party principles and lost political stance, ignoring the Party code of conduct and rules. He was also found to have taken advantage of his power and influence to seek benefits for others. He accepted a "huge amount" of money and gifts in return. He was also accused of bureaucracy and sloth in work and degradation and power-for-sex trades in life. It should be noted that he committed all these grave crimes. 

As a rising young official, Sun left a deep impression upon people as all his promotions proved plain sailing. As a result, his fall came as a shock. An official must be politically loyal and strictly observe Party discipline and State law. He or she must serve the people wholeheartedly and maintain rightful conduct and good morals. Otherwise, despite being young and promising, he or she may come to a tragic end. This is one of the lessons people can draw from Sun's fall.   

In retrospect, there is a clear logic behind his fall at the prime of his career. China's anti-corruption drive since the 18th National Congress of the CPC has made it clear that every individual is equal before Party discipline and laws and that no one enjoys any privileges. Those who consider themselves privileged are destined to pay a heavy price.

Fighting corruption requires considerable resources and energy. But as an old Chinese saying goes: Sharpening the ax does not interfere with cutting the firewood. Today the anti-corruption drive has freshened and cleaned up the pool of Chinese officials. The social landscape is far healthier. China's modern governance capacity has been elevated to a new level.

The anti-corruption drive has further reinforced the public's support for the Party's leadership and has affected all aspects of society.     

The political confidence of all Chinese society has been strengthened and justice has been further promoted, which makes those engaged in unjust practices feel timid and stunned.

Sun's case will continue to progress with hearings and rulings to be conducted according to the law. The case also gives rise to further reflection and thought.

This is an era in which everyone will have a chance to reach their full potential in life but also an era which requires everyone curb their evil desire and work and live their life according to the law. Establishing a healthy outlook on honor and disgrace is important to everyone. Anyone who does not want to dream away his life should keep the "four consciousnesses of the ideology, the whole, the core and the line" as his life's motto.      

Sun's personal tragedy serves as a warning and a lesson amid China's drive to advance the rule of law.

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