Cyberspace regulator requires real-name registration for Chinese Internet users

By Deng Xiaoci Source:Global Times Published: 2017/10/1 11:51:57

Starting Sunday, backstage real-name registration is a must for all Chinese Internet users before they can post comments on platforms in China. 

Without registering their real identities in the background, previously registered users cannot post anything, including replies to posts, on Chinese platforms, said the circular released by the Cyberspace Administration of China on September 7.

Users, however, do not have to reveal their real identities on the frontstage of the platforms.

‘‘Such rules will apply to all websites, phone applications, interactive public platforms and any other communication platform that features public opinion on news or with the nature to mobilize the society,” stipulates the circular.

Screen bullets, or known as danmu in Chinese, together with other forms of posts that include such things as emojis and pictures also fall into the regulation scope, as explicitly stipulated in the circular. 

All companies will have to verify their users’ identification in the background before allowing them to comment online, the circular continues. 

Companies that provide comment services below news information must review the comments before allowing them to appear online, it reads. 

Website companies are also requested to immediately decline posts, to delete the information and to shut down the user’s account if certain comments are  found to be violating Chinese laws and relevant regulations, it reads, without elaborating. 

In a special crackdown from July 24 to September 14 led by Chinese regulators, Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, had deleted and managed more than 730,000 items online with pornographic or obscene content.

Weibo is now planning to recruit 1,000 reviewers to inspect improper content on its platform, the company said on September 27.

Weibo said the 1,000 recruits will be in charge of detecting and reporting pornographic, illegal and harmful content to its administrator to help the company more effectively deal with illicit content.

Weibo will train the new recruits both online and offline, and will require each of them to report at least 200 obscene, illegal and harmful pieces of information a month.

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