Ofo’s deposit policy, marketing campaign draw complaints

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/10/12 15:53:39

Ofo users in different locations in China have complained about what they say is a misleading deposit policy, with some intending to pay the deposit of 199 yuan ($30) were misled into paying for a yearly package.

Users such as students prefer to get their deposits back after each ride but many wrongly selected the 59 yuan yearly package, leaving some cash locked in that can't be refunded.

"The deposit is supposed to be refundable while the full-year package of 59 yuan is not," one active user in Beijing complained in Weibo post. 

A consumer surnamed Zhang in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province, said in a Weibo post that he intended to choose the deposit of 99 yuan under a limited-time offer, but the system set the 59 yuan yearly package as a default choice.

For 59 yuan, a user can ride the shared bike without paying deposit for unlimited use within one year.

Many consumers commenting in Weibo claimed that they were charged for the full-year package. Another consumer in North China's Shanxi Province called Ofo's customer service line to get a refund, but the reply was that because users of the top up campaign do not have to pay a deposit, and the services term is one year, there are no refunds.

In a statement Ofo sent to the Global Times on Wednesday, the company said the payment platform has been updated to have two options,  a 99 yuan deposit or 59 yuan for one-year of unlimited rides without a deposit, so as to avoid users' mistakes. 

In late June, Ofo raised the deposit for its bicycles to 199 yuan, from the initial level of 99 yuan.

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