Arab poet Adonis celebrates passion for Chinese culture

Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/10/15 14:33:39

Syrian poet Adonis, a master of Arabic literature, took part in an event in Beijing celebrating Chinese culture on Saturday.

The serial nominee for the Nobel Prize wrote a poem with a brush pen dipped in Chinese ink, which read "live a bright life and write a poem" in Arabic, exhibiting his skill in combining the two ancient cultures into one piece of art.

At the event, Adonis also recited a fragment of his Arabic poem, in which the poet called ink a "gorgeous black liquid" and expressed his regret on the failure to bring Chinese ink on board a flight after a visit to Beijing.

Syrian Ambassador to China Imad Moustapha said at the gathering that cultural exchange activities such as these can help bring Syrian and Chinese people together.

The ambassador added that it is important for Syrian people to understand Chinese culture because of its long history, remarkable success and future orientation.

Adonis was the winner of the first Golden Magnolia Award at the Shanghai International Poetry Festival this year, whose judges described his influence on Arabic poetry as equal to that of Ezra Pound's or T.S. Eliot's on English-language poetry.


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