Message of CPC national congress spreads across Tibet

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/10/22 17:43:39

A soldier and a local herder watch a broadcast of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on a smartphone in Nagqu, Tibet Autonomous Region. Photo: VCG

Members of the Chinese armed police in the Tibet Autonomous Region have been promoting the policies and ideas of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) among their brigades and to the public.

General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping presented the 3.5-hour work report at the opening session of the national congress on Wednesday, mapping out comprehensive policies for China's future development in all fields including the economy, social welfare and military.

Thanks to the construction of telecom infrastructure, messages delivered during the Party congress were able to reach the most remote areas of the country.

Border guards in Tibet watched the broadcast live, some on their smartphones, and shared the videos with local herders.

In Xigaze, armed police border guards produced promotional materials to be handed out to workers at road construction sites near the Zhangmu border. With the materials, printed on red paper, the border guards were able to inform workers about the ideas that are high on the Party and State agenda.

Soldiers in Lhasa visited veteran Tibetan Party members with promotional materials and held discussions on how to contribute to the autonomous region's security and social development.

Tibetan media reported that all the Party committees and organs held seminars for the more than 350,000 Party members in the region to learn about Xi's speech.

Encouraged by the economic development of Tibet in recent years, the Party members say they were inspired to achieve a more balanced and adequate development to meet people's needs for a better life.

Global Times

A border police officer hands out printed materials on CPC policies at a road construction site near Zhangmu port in Xigaze, Tibet Autonomous Region on Friday. Photo: VCG

A Tibetan Party member shares his thoughts on media reports about the Party congress with an armed police officer in Lhasa. Tibet on Friday. Photo: VCG

Members of the armed police discuss media reports about the Party congress with a Tibetan Party member in Lhasa. Photo: VCG


Border police hand out promotional leaflets to road construction workers near Zhangmu port in Xigaze, Tibet on Friday. Photo: VCG

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