Woman goes missing after viral shopping spree

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/10/25 18:43:40

A woman who attracted attention while on an extravagant shopping spree in Southwest China after recently being diagnosed with brain cancer has since gone missing, her family said.

Widely circulated photos on Sina Weibo show the woman's growing collection of shopping bags as she hops between luxury brand boutiques at the Wangfujing Shopping Mall Sunday night in the provincial capital of Sichuan.

One image shows the woman, who was not identified, dressed in a hot pink coat and stripped gym socks seated next to her shopping.

Mall employees had to cordon off an area to accommodate her growing pile of purchase, the viral photos showed. 

According to the family, the woman disappeared soon after the story went viral, adding she had been distraught after being recently diagnosed with brain cancer.

"She has been missing since early Monday morning. We suspect that she is suicidal," a family member told press.

Her spree was initially estimated to total around 4 million yuan ($603,ooo), Sohu reported.

However, her family has denied the reported amount. 

"She only charged 50,000 yuan to her credit card," a family member said.

Mall employees have also refuted the claims of the multi-million yuan shopping spree on Weibo account Tuesday.

The woman's family is calling for the public not to spread rumors.

"People stared at her while she shopped. Then later people who didn't understand the situation started taking photos and videos, then making untrue comments online," a family member said.

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