Chinese wives expect to be given an apartment

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/8 19:08:43

A new survey by matchmaking website revealed that over half of all single Chinese people born after the 1990s agree with premarital cohabitation. It also found that most single Chinese women expect their future partner's monthly salary to exceed 8,000 yuan ($1205.21), rising 3,000 yuan from last year, Shanghai Morning Post reported Wednesday.

The survey found that most women born after 1990s expect to have their own apartment as a precondition for marriage.

Other findings from the report: 80 percent of men and women surveyed are not in favor of "going Dutch" on dates, 69 percent of men and women feel that men should pay for most dates and 12 percent believe all dates should be paid entirely by men.

In terms of premarital cohabitation, more than half of the surveyed men and women born after 1990s accept it. Over 80 percent of men see premarital cohabitation as a sort of trial marriage, but only 43 percent women see it as that.

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