Two Party members held accountable for bringing in damaging overseas books

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/8 19:48:39

Two members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) have been held accountable for bringing books with serious political issues from overseas, the top discipline watchdog-run newspaper reported on Wednesday, saying that all Party members should be absolutely loyal to the Party and uphold the Party Central Committee's authority.

China Discipline Inspection, a newspaper run by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC, reported on Wednesday that Party members who bring books, audio and video products, or e-books have to be held accountable in accordance with Party discipline regulations.

The report cited two officials, surnamed Li and Wang from a State-owned enterprise (SOE), who brought two books which distorted the history of the People's Liberation Army and defamed some former leaders in China after their overseas business trip. The public security bureau detained them for spreading the books among friends and relatives.

Li and Wang were held accountable for violating Party disciplines. Li, who was secretary of the SOE's Party committee, was also held responsible for overlooking the wrong ideas and deeds, the report said.

Books, audio and video products, or e-books and online audio and video products that have serious political issues refer to those which publicly support bourgeois liberalization, oppose the four cardinal principles, oppose the Party's policy of reform and opening-up, speak ill of government policies to sabotage the unity of the Party, vilify the Party or State's image, or disparage and slander Party or State leaders, or distort Party or military history, according to Party discipline regulations.

"As leaders of the Party committee in State-owned enterprises, Li and Wang should stick to Party principles and safeguard the image of State leaders. However, they privately brought back books with serious political issues and have made bad social influence," the report said.

"Upholding Party political discipline is an important basis for being faithful to all the regulations and disciplines. The essence of obeying political disciplines is to uphold Party leadership, be absolutely loyal to the Party, maintain a high degree of consistency with the CPC Central Committee, safeguard the unity and unification of the Party and uphold the authority of the Party Central Committee," the report added.

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