Foreign visitors learn more about China progress from the first CPC National Congress

By Zhao Yusha Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/12 19:38:39

Visitors take a tour of the site of the first CPC National Congress in Shanghai on May 9. Photo: IC

More foreigners have been showing an interest in the Communist Party of China (CPC) because of the contributions it has made to China and the rest of the world, experts say.

A Mexican surnamed Jimenez  told the Global Times that he went to visit the site of the first CPC National Congress at the urging of his Chinese friends.

"I finally visited the site after living in Shanghai for four years. It's a mind-changing trip because you see where the CPC was born about 90 years ago with so few people. And now it's the most influential party worldwide and is leading the most populous country forwarding at fast pace. It's just amazing," said Jimenez. 

The number of tourists visiting the site of the first CPC National Congress, which was held in 1921, has increased after Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, along with six other members of the Central Committee's Political Bureau Standing Committee, visited the site on October 31.

The first CPC National Congress had 12 delegates and more than 50 CPC members from across the country arriving In July 1921. 

A site employee said that more than 4,000 tourists visited the site on November 1, 40 percent higher than for normal times. "It hasn't subsided. We've still had many tourists coming recently," he said.  

One Chinese tourist told the news site, "A French friend of mine who came to Shanghai didn't visit anywhere else but this site, because he believed he could see the roots of the CPC here."

Another tourist from London commented, "The English are very interested into its history. This is a significant place because the CPC was born here. They saw that many people, working people in China, were not prospering so they wanted the proletariat to rise up and lead the country for themselves, so that everybody could prosper, not just the people at the top. I think it's seen magnificent progress."

US president also pays attention

Now, many foreigners are paying attention to the CPC because it has contributed significantly to China and the world. By focusing on the CPC, they can see how China and the world will develop in the future, Su Wei, a professor at the Party school of the Chongqing Municipal Committee, told the Global Times on Thursday.

US President Donald Trump congratulated President Xi Jinping on being re-elected general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, on October 25, according to the Xinhua News Agency. Trump also congratulated Xi for the success of the 19th CPC National Congress.

The report noted that Trump said that the 19th CPC National Congress got attention from all over the world and that he himself paid close attention to the policy announcements from President Xi at the congress.

This was the first time for a US President to congratulate the Party on this big event, said Su, adding that the CPC's influence is increasing worldwide.

A 21-year-old American, Dylan Austin Walker, who is studying in China and got recognition from Chinese after appearing on a Chinese TV program and giving his rendition of "Chinese Dream, My Dream," said, "The CPC took on a big role in the world. Sort of like being a teacher and guide for us. We have to follow her, follow the CPC, and try to learn from her," according to Xinhua.

Learning history from 'red tourism'

Many foreigners come to China because they may be familiar with Chinese images, but know little about Chinese culture, especially the CPC's history, and red culture visits are a great way for them to learn, said Su.

The Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration has a "red tourism" promotional activity for families visiting from abroad where they can visit locations related to CPC history.

Signing up for the first tour were 11 families from the UK, the US and South Korea, who got to see many historical sites and landmarks around Shanghai, including that site of the first CPC National Congress, the news site reported.

At the same time, more foreigners who have been to Shaan'xi, the home of the terracotta warriors, want to see more, for example Yan'an, the site of the CPC headquarters and the center of the Communist revolution from 1935 to 1948, the local tourism bureau said.

"This red culture represents our glorious history and still sheds a light on today," said Wang Shumao, one of the red tourism coordinators.

When it comes to promoting red tourism among international visitors, it helps to understand that every country has its own culture and history, therefore, it's better to find the right way to help them understand, to clearly explain China's "red tourism," said Wang.

Newspaper headline: Trekking to Party’s roots

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