PepsiCo-Tingyi alliance wins big at CBIA 2017 awards

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/23 12:58:39

Plants under a strategic alliance between PepsiCo, the world's second largest food and beverage business and Tingyi, one of the major food and beverage companies in China, won multiple awards for their outstanding performances in water and energy conservation efforts at the 2017 China Beverage Industry Association (CBIA )'s annual conference in Shanghai on November 22.

The event was themed "Intelligent Ingenuity & Innovation, Nutrition & Diversification," and PepsiCo and Tingyi won nearly 40 percent of the total awards. The PepsiCo-Tingyi alliance beverage system has continuously won annual industry awards for many years and has become a benchmark in the beverage sector.

Consistent with the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) goal of promoting green development, the PepsiCo-Tingyi alliance has been actively fulfilling its commitment to energy conservation and environmental protection while carrying forward product innovation and go-to-market development. In 2017, a total of 20 PepsiCo-Tingyi alliance plants won Excellent Water Saving Enterprise awards, and another 26 received Outstanding Energy Conservation Enterprise awards.

"The PepsiCo-Tingyi alliance has made considerable achievements in water saving and energy conservation since the inception of the alliance in 2012," said Mike Spanos, the president and CEO of PepsiCo Greater China Region (GCR).

"We feel very proud of such achievements. PepsiCo's 2025 Sustainability Agenda, which was announced in 2016, focuses on three core priorities over the next decade: products, the planet, and people. Adhering to the principle of 'In China, For China, With China,' PepsiCo will further lessen our environmental impact through improved operational efficiency and by working with our suppliers and business partners so that we continue to be a good corporate citizen, honoring our commitments."

PepsiCo was one of the earliest global food and beverage industry leaders to enter China. Together with its business partners, PepsiCo has invested over 48 billion yuan ($7 billion) in the country over the last 10 years and has built a successful food and beverage business in China. The concept of environmental sustainability has been integrated into every aspect of PepsiCo GCR's manufacturing process, from facilities and equipment to packaging. Since their strategic alliance in 2012, Tingyi and PepsiCo have become one of the leading beverage systems in China.

Responding to the government's call for actionable water saving and energy conservation solutions, PepsiCo GCR uses clean and renewable energy in its production processes, implementing energy and water conservation solutions in its green plants. It also responsibly treats wastewater, manages carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and recycles solid waste.

PepsiCo GCR has four franchise beverage plants certified as "green plants" by the authoritative Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) at the gold and silver level. As these plants reduce water and energy consumption by more than 20 percent compared with other standard plants, they serve as a new benchmark for the sustainable development of the Chinese beverage industry.

Tingyi has also made considerable achievements in its technical innovations regarding water and energy conservation. As an active and responsible company, Tingyi has been assiduously strengthening its energy saving and environmental protection protocols in accordance with its philosophy of "energy conservation and cost reduction, environmental protection and sustainable development." Tingyi started to initiate its five-year energy saving and consumption reduction plan in 2014. Through rigorous implementation, its CO2 emissions decreased by 85,000 tons annually and water resource consumption dropped by 2 to 2.5 million tons per year. In addition to optimizing and refining its energy conservation and environmental protection management system, Tingyi is vigorously developing and evaluating the use of clean and renewable energy. Its plants in Xi'an in Shaanxi Province, Suzhou in Jiangsu Province and Jiangmen in Guangdong Province have completed the installation of solar energy photovoltaic systems on their rooftops, gaining good energy conservation results.

Wei Chun-Hsien, the CEO of Tingyi said, "Giving back to society and sustainable operation is our unswerving principle. In the future, we will continuously meet consumer demand for a better life, improve the social environment, and embed innovation, food safety and environmental protection into all aspects of our production and working environment, making our share of contributions to the society."


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