RYB Education apologizes for child abuse at Beijing kindergarten

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/11/29 12:34:57

RYB Education issued a public apology on Wednesday in which it said the company was "grieved and disgraced" after a police investigation discovered a teacher in one of its Beijing kindergartens had abused children. 

"Our deepest apologies go out to the children and everyone. We have no right to beg for your forgiveness, and we will take meaningful action," RYB Education said in a post on Sina Weibo. 

RYB's apology came after Beijing Chaoyang district police released the latest results of their investigation into child abuse allegations that children at an RYB Education New World kindergarten had been pierced by needles. 

Police said they detained a 22-year-old teacher surnamed Liu for abuse. According to police, Liu used needles to "tame" the children who did not sleep on time.

Police also announced that children at the kindergarten had not been sexually abused, as was widely circulated online. Two residents who made up the rumors were detained or reprimanded.

According to the RYB Education announcement, other RYB kindergartens are also being investigated for alleged child abuse. The company stated that it is fully cooperating with these investigations. 

The statement also listed five promises it would adhere to: take full responsibility for the case, adopt a zero tolerance for child abuse, cooperate with government, parents and society to protect the safety and legal interests of children and faculty members, upgrade its surveillance system, and establish joint education system with parents in order to increase transparency. 

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