Dalai’s mobile app another desperate move: experts

By Deng Xiaoci Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/17 19:23:39

The recent launch of the Dalai Lama's free mobile application is another desperate move to cover his clique's China-splitting political ambition with religious color as it is already under a dimming spotlight and doomed to fail, Chinese experts said on Sunday.

The Dalai Lama announced on Thursday on Twitter that his free mobile app, "Dalai Lama," is now available in the Apple's app store of some countries and regions, such as the US and the UK.

Apparently, the Dalai Lama's influence has been drastically declining in recent years, as major powers in the West have increasingly realized that supporting him has become a negative asset when trying to improve relations with China, Zhu Weiqun, director of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference's Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee, told the Global Times on Sunday.

His requests for visits to major Western countries are now more frequently rejected, and his mobility is becoming more difficult as he is 82.

His clique members are further divided as they have failed to agree on such ordeals, Zhu said.

"He is desperate as his influence dims, and has turned to the Internet," Zhu noted.

The app that promises to provide the Dalai Lama's up-to-date news, schedules and even live videos of his teachings only gets 56 ratings in the App Store of the US as of press time. The app is unavailable at Apple's China app store.

Zhu added that as the Dalai Lama is trying to pose as a "spiritual leader," a "harmless cultural ambassador" on the Internet, his clique understands their existence lies in him and will not give up their malicious political intent to illegally separate Tibetan region from China, as this is only of value to foreign hostile forces.

Such a move has no major influence, and his attempts through the Internet are doomed to fail just as in the real world, Zhu said.

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