Local authorities ban CPC members and their families from joining in Christmas holiday activities

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/20 19:33:39

Communist Party officials in Hengyang City, Central China's Hunan Province, were forbidden from celebrating Western religious festivals including Christmas in a bid to "build confidence toward socialist culture and carry forward traditional Chinese culture."

According to a notice published by Hengyang Public Security Bureau on December 14, Party officials in Hengyang should "resist the rampant Western festival."

Their close relatives are also forbidden from participating in celebration of these festivals so as to build a good image of Party officials.

The notice also encouraged students to hold a rational attitude toward these festivals and stay away from them.

It added that anyone who sells and makes artificial snow during that time will receive a heavy fine.

Hengyang is not alone. A Beijing resident, who works in a State-owned company, told the Global Times she received the same notice, "for the first time, never happened before," she said.

On Sunday, the China Communist Youth League (CCYL)'s Anhui division published an article on WeChat, elaborating how China was invaded by Westerners in the past and concluding that "Christmas is China's day of shame."

It went further and said that the popularity of Western festivals is "cultural invasion" and if Party officials failed to realize that, they have lost their political sensitivity and progressiveness.

Last week an online notice, allegedly released by the Communist Youth League of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University on Monday, said that the students' union, student associations and youth league branches are banned from holding any activities centered on Western religious holidays.

It went on to say that in recent years, influenced by Western culture and promotional activities by some businesses, some young people are "blindly excited about Western holidays," especially Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

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