Murderer caught 12 years later, unable to speak

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/24 19:08:39

A Chinese man on the run 12 years for murder was apprehended after police found him unable to speak from years of self-imposed silence while posing as mute.

The suspect, surnamed Zeng, is accused of the 2005 murder in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, where he hacked an uncle to death over a money dispute before disappearing.

Zeng, then 36, took the alias Wang Gui and survived by begging. He eventually ended up 700 kilometers north in Haozhou, Anhui Province.

There, Zeng found work in construction, eventually married and had a child.

But key to his cover was that he stopped speaking to pose as someone physically unable to speak.

Police said Zeng came up on the radar in 2017 while officers conducted a door-to-door household survey in their village.

Unable to provide any identification, Zeng was taken in for questioning and later idetified.

Police said Zeng's years of voluntary speech-cessation left his vocal cords completely atrophied.

When officers asked why Zeng had chosen to not speak for so many years, he replied in writing, "The less I say, the less chance I'll make a mistake."

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