CEC·Xianyang 8.6-generation LCD Panel Production Line Project Comes into Production

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2017/12/25 17:47:36

Xianyang Caihong Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. Photo: Publicity department of Xianyang's party committee of the CPC

Xianyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone's CNY 100 billion electronics information industry cluster rises.

On December 25, in the modern dust-free workshop with an area of 720,000 square meters, thin and large-size LCD panels roll off the busy assembly line, marking CEC·Xianyang 8.6-generation LCD panel production line project with a total investment of CNY 28 billion officially comes into production in Xianyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone (XHTIDZ). This is another leading electronic information enterprise in Shaanxi Province put into operation, which means Shaanxi Province's new pattern of electronic information industry "Samsung in the east and Xianyang Caihong in the west" is initially formed.

CEC·Xianyang 8.6-generation LCD panel production line project is a TFT-LCD production line able to process 120,000 glass substrates (2,250mm * 2,610mm) a month, with a total investment of CNY 28 billion and invested by China Electronics Corporation (CEC), which is the first 8.6-generation LCD panel production line in Northwest China and is a genuine "first panel of the Silk Road".

Create a CNY 100 billion full-industry chain from "quartz sand to TV".

"XHTIDZ, as the only national display device industrial park in western China, aims at the whole industry chain for the development of LCD panels." XHTIDZ Administrative Committee director Jing Xuefeng said the LCD panel display industry is not only an industry with huge output value, but also a long industry chain. Nowadays, the driving effect of the project is obvious as 19 upstream and downstream supporting enterprises have settled in XHTIDZ and an electronic information industry cluster with a global competitive advantage is emerging in XHTIDZ.

Photo: Publicity department of Xianyang's party committee of the CPC

TPV Technology is one of the first batch of core supporting enterprises settling in XHTIDZ and the largest display manufacturer in the world. TPV's project with an annual production capacity of 4 million TVs and 2 million LCD modules achieves seamless docking with the CEC 8.6-generation project line through an air corridor.  In the future, LCD panels produced will be directly transported to TPV's plant for complete TV manufacturing through the corridor to realize the integrated production of panels and complete machines in one plant. Seeing the increasingly perfect upstream and downstream industry chain, TPV Technology (Xianyang) Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Zhumin highly praised this "Xianyang mode" vertically integrating the industrial chain and with in-situ matching and cluster development really allows enterprises to reduce costs and enhance the market competitiveness of products."

Currently, the electronic information industry cluster with CEC·Xianyang 8.6-generation LCD panel production line as the locomotive has formed a complete industrial chain with 8.6-generation glass substrates, Linde Industrial Gases, Shengyi Science and Technology, Keystone, Zhuoyingshe backlight modules, Junling Electronics FT-LED panels as the key support and TPV's 4 million-a-year complete TVs, Shenzhen Efonlong Optronics Display's 4 million-a-year 32-inch LCD displays, etc. as terminal applications and including upstream raw materials, middle-stream panels and downstream terminal complete machines. XHTIDZ also plans to introduce into more projects in the key aspects of the LCD industry chain to form a larger-scale industrial cluster.

As industrial projects accelerate construction and continue to play efficiency, XHTIDZ has initially realized the vertical distribution of industries and formed a full industrial chain from quartz sand to TVs and XHTIDZ's scale, strength and competitiveness are continuing to rise. In the past three years, XHTIDZ will achieve a direct investment of CNY 50 billion and form a CNY 100 billion electronic information industry cluster in the next eight to ten years.


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