Chinese couple regrets naming baby ‘Maserati’

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/14 18:43:39

An Anhui Province couple who named their daughter "Maserati" then regretted it six months later is now driving local officials crazy trying to reverse the decision.

The father, surnamed Ma, seemed adamant on the name when he registered his infant daughter with Maoji township authorities in 2017 as Ma Shaladi - which when pronounced is the exact Chinese phoneticization of the Italian car brand.

"I hope my daughter can buy this luxury car when she grows up and have a good life," Ma told Maoji township officials, media reported.

Ignoring his own father's advice and despite warnings from officials that changing the name would take mounds of paperwork once it was registered, Ma stuck with it.   

However Ma's wife, surnamed Liu, soon had second thoughts and twice tried to put the brakes on the process.

On her second trip to township offices on Friday, Liu suggested what she saw as a compromise - Ma Shala.

But officials rejected the name, saying it was still too close to the brand in a bit to avoid further back and forth with the indecisive couple, media reported. 

The parents still haven't settled on a name for baby Ma Shaladi.

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