College final exam challenges students to identify their teacher

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/16 17:23:39

Pictured is the exam question prompting students to identify their teacher from a line-up of photos. Photo:

 Students who skipped class all semester and showed up for a final exam arrived to face one tough question staring back at them.

The question, the first on an exam at Southwest China's Sichuan Vocational College of Culture & Communication, displayed headshots of teachers with blank spaces below.

Students were prompted to identify their teacher by their photo and fill in their name.

Some surely broke out in cold sweats when they learned a wrong answer would knock 41 points off their final Grade. 

The course instructor surnamed Hu said she wanted to see if the students were taking her class seriously and teach them to focus on details.

"The intention was to test the students' attitudes," said Hu, who said it was her first time trying the tactic.

Hou Yu, a chief executive of dean's office at the college, explained that students' cumulative performance would also be included in the final grade.

A student surnamed Guo said the majority of classmates were both excited and a little confused by the question.

Other students echoed Guo on social media.

"It was a trick question, we would fail if we hadn't been paying attention," wrote one student.

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