Nation plans tougher safety standards for e-bikes in new guideline

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/1/16 21:43:40

China plans to enhance safety standards for the production and use of electric bikes to make them safer on the road.

A number of features, including fire-proofing and flame retardants, are required for producing safe electric bikes, according to the draft safety standards plan for e-bikes the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released on Tuesday.

The plan, which is open for public comment for 30 days, lifts the speed limit of e-bikes from 20 kilometers per hour (kph) to 25 kph, and it raises their weight and motor power limits. It also said that all e-bikes should be equipped with pedals to ensure they can function in the event of a motor breakdown.

China is the world's largest e-bike producer and seller and home to about 200 million e-bikes with annual production of more than 30 million.

However, unregulated mass production by some unscrupulous e-bike makers has turned the vehicles into a risky transportation method, with more than 56,200 accidents involving e-bikes and 8,431 deaths reported in the past five years, representing increases of 8.6 percent and 13.5 percent annually.

E-bike producers will have six months to one year to sell their old versions and prepare for new ones while riders can trade old vehicles for new ones or enjoy subsidies, according to the plan.


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