Chinese rapper GAI removed from singing show 'Singer': reports

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/18 19:42:12

GAI Photo: IC

Chinese rapper GAI, who some Chinese media said would be removed from singing show Singer, did not show up in the program aired Friday night.

On Thursday morning, rumors that GAI, a contestant on the show, had been removed from the program began circulating on Chinese social media.

Although it is difficult to determine where the rumor started, Hubei-based Chutian Metropolis Daily newspaper reached out to GAI's representatives on Thursday about the rumor and received confirmation that GAI did not attend the latest filming of the show. Representatives, however, did not comment on whether GAI has been permanently removed from the show.

The show has not yet responded to the rumors and posts about the singer performing on the show can still be seen on its Sina Weibo account as of press time.

Lending possible credence to the rumor, on Thursday afternoon Douban user Chenmo Ruhai posted a screenshot of what he claimed was a WeChat message from GAI saying "please pass this on to the heads of my fan groups so they can deal with fans' reactions… We respect the studio's decision and I am happy because my first performance was amazing…"

The post was later deleted, but screenshots of the post continue to circulate around Chinese social media.

Some netizens suspect that GAI's possible removal from the show may be tied to the recent negative press around Chinese rapper PG One. PG One's songs were removed from Chinese streaming platforms earlier this month after some netizens complained that his hip-hop song "Christmas Eve" insulted women and promoted drug use.

Rumors are also circulating that British singer Jessie J, who is scheduled to record an episode of the show on Thursday night, has also been removed from the show.

If these rumors are true, they stand at odds with the show's social media posts. At five pm on Thursday, the show posted on Sina Weibo, "@Official Jessie.J [the singer's official Sina Weibo account] Cool new hair, see you tonight!"

The Global Times has reached out to the show's representatives, but at the time of this writing they have not responded.

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