Western media has no right to interfere in China's judicial process

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/23 18:48:39

Gui Minhai, a Hong Kong-based book publisher of Swedish citizenship, was again seized by police on the Chinese mainland. Western media outlets sensationalized the incident, saying that Gui was "snatched from a train bound for Beijing before two Swedish diplomats."

Originally from Ningbo in Zhejiang Province, Gui obtained Swedish citizenship in 1996. In 2003, he killed a female college student in Ningbo in a traffic accident and fled overseas under another person's name. Gui eventually surrendered to the Chinese police in 2015 after years of hunting for him online.

As one of the Causeway Bay booksellers, Gui's case has been closely followed by Western media. He was released in October 2017 and later resumed contact with the outside world and the Swedish Embassy. But he was reportedly living in Ningbo and not allowed to leave China. It seems his case hasn't yet been closed.

According to Western media reports, Gui was taken by Chinese police on Saturday. Western media outlets and so-called human rights groups have since blasted the Chinese police and demanded Gui's immediate release.

The Swedish Embassy and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs haven't so far given details on the case. Sweden has summoned the Chinese Ambassador in Stockholm over the case.

China is advancing the rule of law and it is incredible that a person can be taken away by police without reason. The Chinese police would definitely not take Gui away without evidence and without following legal procedures, especially when his case is being closely watched by the Western media. The police will only inform individuals and institutions that are legally required to be notified, and are not obliged to please Western media.

Sweden is in touch with Chinese authorities over the issue but has not revealed details to the media. This suggests that it is not unusual that the Western media is not fully informed about this case and they have no right to question the Chinese police.

Western media tends to see any China-linked case that took place in the West as "Chinese infiltration" and associates cases occurring in China and relating to foreign affairs with Beijing's human rights record.

The Western media still wants to wield their hegemonic discourse power to manipulate the judgment of sensitive information about China and therefore continue to attack China's political system.

Regardless of his nationality, Gui's activity in China must follow the law and cannot undermine China's national interests.

The Chinese police have the right to investigate him if he breaks the bottom line. No external force can thwart the process of justice.

Western media reports are guided by ideological logic, but China follows legal reasons in handling its own affairs. This is a diversified world.

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