Community with shared future has broader appeal

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/1/24 23:08:39

One year ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered astounding speeches at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, and also high-level events in Geneva. While upholding economic globalization, Xi offered his interpretation of building a community with shared future for mankind, which injected a new idea into international relations of the 21st century.

Right after Xi wrapped up his trip to Switzerland last year, US President Donald Trump was sworn in. His "America First" slogan also astounded the world, yet in a different sense.

In 2017, many countries came to learn about and consider the proposal of building a community with shared future for mankind, which has been increasingly welcomed and accepted in international society. It's outstanding that the goal was written into multiple UN documents.

By contrast, the world reacted negatively to America First, a doctrine about which countries keep silent, show disapproval or plain boycott.

The community proposal will likely provide sustained inspiration, become the greatest common factor in economic globalization, politics and diplomacy, and serve as a common goal.

Above all, the proposal reflects the top-level interests of human society in today's era of globalization. Different parts of the world are unprecedentedly connected with tight interest networks that involve every country and individual.

People are confronted with a growing number of global issues such as climate change, terrorism, cyber security and major contagious diseases. They know no border and need to be addressed through international cooperation. In the meantime, no country can prosper behind closed doors. Even advocates of trade protectionism don't mean to shut out the world, but break the rules to earn more advantages in international trade.

China has taken proactive and constructive actions to build a community with shared future for mankind. In particular, its Belt and Road initiative benefits all participants. Even the most critical Western elites are unable to dismiss the proposal as Chinese geopolitical scheming. With China's continuous efforts, the concept will snowball through the positive power and actions of wider society.

The Trump administration's America First policy, which explicitly demonstrates a national selfishness, actually brings out the charm of the Chinese proposal of a community with shared future that calls for equality, mutual benefits and win-win results. However hard it will be to build such a community, this will garner more support than becoming a selfish power.

Within many countries there has been a broad consensus on a community with shared future for mankind. Human beings are probably at the threshold of building a super community of common interests and of stabilizing the world order. Some critical breakthroughs are being nurtured.

By calling for building a community with shared future for mankind, Xi has issued a call for action when we come to the critical juncture of the times. His proposal, full of justice, responsibility and historical sense, is widely considered the most reasonable and pragmatic choice of mankind. This is a significant boost for all humanity. Introduced by China in Switzerland, it is being embraced by the world.

Newspaper headline: Community proposal has broader appeal

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