Is Sweden making ‘Saving Gui Minhai’ movie?

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/10 16:48:39

After the Hong Kong-based Swedish bookseller Gui Minhai was again detained by Chinese police in front of two diplomats, the Swedish foreign ministry fell silent at first and then accused China of "brutal intervention" and "contravening international rules of consular support."

Taking Gui from Ningbo, Zhejiang Province to Beijing was not supposed to happen. The Swedish Embassy in China played a dishonorable role in the event.

Gui was released from custody in October last year for a traffic offense. He is suspected of being involved in illegal business and the investigation is ongoing. By Chinese law, Gui is not allowed to leave the Chinese mainland and he had earlier promised the police he would not leave Ningbo or at least report his whereabouts if he traveled elsewhere.

But on January 20, two Swedish diplomats took Gui from Ningbo to Beijing. Gui had violated the requirement of Chinese law enforcement authorities and broke his promise. Western media reported that Gui was taken to Beijing to see a Swedish specialist for a medical checkup but that was a lie. No Swedish specialist has recently visited China. Gui also confessed to police that the Swedish government had been plotting to take him back to Sweden.

The Swedish Embassy in China knew very well that Gui was prohibited from leaving the Chinese mainland, but plotted to do so any way. They tricked Gui into cooperating with their plan. What they did is far beyond the scope of consular support. They wanted to arrange Gui's "escape" by breaking Chinese law.

The Global Times has learned that two Swedish diplomats secretly picked up Gui with a consulate car and took him to Shanghai. From there, they took a Beijing-bound high-speed train.

Gui was interviewed by media on Friday. Hong Kong media released the content of his interview, including that he said the diplomats asked him to not leave the car to avoid attention. After learning about Gui's trip, police contacted Gui many times and asked him to return but the diplomats accompanying him demanded Gui not oblige. Had they arrived in Beijing, they would have been in the Swedish Embassy. The plot made us wonder whether the Swedish foreign ministry was making a Hollywood movie.

Sweden is a relatively small country in Northern Europe. The Swedish foreign ministry appeared to be craving the limelight in the EU and the West. The Hong Kong booksellers' case was hyped by Western media and the Swedish foreign ministry seems to want to demonstrate its diplomatic heroism by "saving the bookseller Gui Minhai." While other Western countries are merely talking, Sweden took actions and ignored Chinese law. Its role as the "special task forces" of Western human rights diplomacy is presumptuous.

Swedish Embassy's show was interrupted halfway. Gui was intercepted by police at a train station in Jinan, Shandong Province en route to Beijing. China's judicial sovereignty remains intact and the Swedish foreign ministry has ended up a laughingstock. Stockholm remained silent for a few days. They probably began to cry out loud after feeling they had lost face.

We must point out that the Chinese government protects the lawful rights of all foreigners in China but will not tolerate their illegal activities. Foreigners will be subject to punishment according to the law if they commit a crime. The Swedish foreign ministry wanted to muddy the waters of Gui's case by using so-called human rights logic. Some Western countries and media want to hype the case. They are obsessed with this game, but the game won't have any impact on China's governance.

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