Southwest region of France promotes tourism and trade in Shanghai

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/13 19:18:40

New Aquitaine delegates from France recently held a tourism promotion seminar at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum.

The New Aquitaine Tourism Commission invited local media and industry insiders to take part in the seminar for a better understanding of New Aquitaine culture, products and way of life.

This seminar, divided into three stages - exhibition of ­Lascaux Fresco, tourism promotion seminar, wine and French gastronomy tasting - engaged participants and aroused the interest of visiting New Aquitaine.

When asked why Shanghai was selected as the site to promote New Aquitaine in the southwest of the country, ­Michel Durrieu, general ­manager for New Aquitaine Tourism Commission, expressed their willingness to build friendship with Shanghai at a cultural level.

"We want people outside our region to know our products," Durrieu noted. "What we want to do is to promote our culture, our way of life, to let people have a better understanding of our city and our people."

"And now we think Shanghai is a very good partner. Besides, we think people in Shanghai have the capacity to come to attraction of our destination," said Durrieu.

The New Aquitaine Tourism Commission is currently only concentrating their ­promotion on first-tier Chinese cities ­including Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong Province.

To welcome more Chinese visitors, New Aquitaine has taken several measures.

"First, it's the visa. Before, it was quite difficult to get a visa to France, it would take quite a long time. Now it only takes 48 hours. And we have enhanced our flights," said Durrieu.

"We are building a ­partnership with Chinese companies."

In the near future, there will be a direct flight from Bordeaux, New Aquitaine, to Shanghai, according to ­­Durrieu.

This story was written by Hu Xuka.


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