Carry forward national pride, and stay modest

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/2/21 22:48:39

For some time, frictions have often been seen between China and the outside world. While derogatory remarks about China have constantly triggered public uproar online in China, some behaviors of Chinese people and organizations are often interpreted as offensive or even provocative to their foreign counterparts. Although not at an official level, these frictions often generated strong repercussions.

The overall pattern of exchanges between China and the outside world is being transformed. Such exchanges are unprecedentedly equal, sophisticated and of an unprecedented scale. China's previous disadvantaged and passive status in foreign exchanges have been fundamentally changed. Both Chinese and foreign societies feel a little bit ill-adjusted to this transformation, with their psychological discomfort being released through various means.

In this context, the parties concerned will view frictions based on their interests. All tend to think they are on the right side. In most cases, China is at a disadvantage in disputes as it has less sway than the West in international discourse power. 

Persuading Western countries to use a unified standard in handling dissensions is useless. Although the West has a smaller population than China, it has more diverse platforms, stronger tools and more resources to manipulate in the war of public opinion against China.

Chinese people should have a clear understanding of the situation China is facing and how it should respond so as to prevent strategic mistakes.

China's rise is the biggest variable in today's global pattern. This determines that China has the strategic initiative in the overall situation, and the country should have more strategic confidence than anxieties. This is a starting point for us to comprehend all sorts of affairs.

China is a rising power, but still lags far behind the West in its developmental level, which the country must take into account at the current stage.

While China should carry forward a sense of national pride and stand firm on safeguarding national interests, it also needs to stay modest, advocate the spirit of internationalism and sincerely push forward the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. How to strike a balance between the two is a test for the Chinese nation.

The unity of Chinese society is of vital importance. In the face of frictions, peaceful consultation is better than aggravating tensions. China should also avoid placing its image in contradiction to realistic interests.

China will have to go through hardships on its path to a comprehensive rise, for which the country should be prepared.

But it doesn't mean Chinese people have to exert unlimited restraints. Chinese should neither swallow insults submissively nor become bloated with pride. We hope China's system can guide the country to steady development in this sophisticated era.

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