University tackles digital distraction with phone check-in system

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/11 18:53:39

Check phones at the door, says uni

A student places her phone in her assigned pocket. Photo:

A university in Northwest China's Gansu Province is asking students and teachers to "pocket" their phones at the door.

Large curtains with numbered cloth pockets hang near the entrances of classrooms at Lanzhou Jiaotong University in a bid to keep students' eyes off their phones and on the day's material.

Students and teachers are expected to place them inside an assigned pocket before class begins.

Piloted in March 2017, the idea has since been adopted at six different buildings on the university campus.

The system has helped  students cut down on playing with phones during class, said Gong Li, an official with the school's students' office. 

Gong hopes the system will help students develop better concentration skills.

"I'm more focused when I don't have a phone in my hand. I can follow my teacher and participate more," said student Wen Lizhi.

The numbered pockets also  help show who is in class and who is absent, said teacher Tian Mingxing.

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Newspaper headline: Check phones at the door, says uni

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