Bamboo bike maker in Chengdu seeks to grow green industry

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/11 18:53:40

As bike sharing companies get China back on two wheels, a small workshop in Chengdu is seeking to ride on their success with bespoke bamboo bicycles.  

"Cycling as a sport is becoming more popular in China, and bike sharing has supplied us with the right climate," said A Bu, the twenty-something owner and master craftsman of his workshop.

Bamboo has inspired bicycle makers for more than a century - the first bamboo bike was patented in Britain in the late 19th century.  

Now usually marketed as a way to further reduce our carbon footprints, A Bu said he wants to take bamboo bikes beyond mere novelty.

"We're hoping that bamboo bikes achieve widespread market penetration, only then will it mean anything to the environment."

While Sichuan Province is known for its bamboo forests, A Bu prefers melocanna, a clumping bamboo native to Guangdong Province known for its resilience and even density.

Each bike is handcrafted and takes 40 hours to create. Different models are named after streets in Chengdu. 

A Bu receives regular domestic orders and ships to more than seven countries.

His operation also aims to create market demand for handmade items, as well as jobs for tradespeople in the area.

"We're hoping this industry creates opportunities for skilled workers, especially older artisans and the disabled," said A Bu.

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