China campus cracks down on PDAs with camouflaged squads

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/3/18 18:33:40

A college in East China's Shandong seems to be going all-out in their crackdown on touchy-feely couples on campus using military-like monitors and threats of public shaming.

Video shows one of the squads at Binzhou Vocational College marching in formation and outfitted in camouflage uniforms.

The move first stirred controversy on social media last week after video of three uniformed, helmet-wearing monitors circling a couple accused of hugging each other went viral.

According to reports, the couple initially protested. and the squad took down their names.

College employees were quick to downplay the video. "The student patrol just wanted to give them a warning," a school employee told The Paper, "but the male student began throwing a fit."

The students' names are being kept on file, according to the school.

Many students feel the school has gone too far.

"Dating is still off limits? We're all 20 years old!" one student said. "College dating is in itself a beautiful thing. Do you really have to make it like it's some kind of scourge?" said another.

The uniformed students are a "student organization" and monitoring couples is just one of their responsibilities, the college said. 

The squads monitor for "inappropriate behaviors," which also include smoking and littering, said the employee.

"Serious offenders" could potentially have their names released and be publicly criticized on campus, read a post by the school.

"What kind of school allows students to hug in academic buildings?" the employee added.

The Paper

Newspaper headline: China campus cracks down on kissing couples with camouflaged squads


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