China complies with rules, a responsible investor in global capital market: Vice Finance Minister

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/4 17:54:04

China is a responsible investor in the global capital market and has complied with market rules to operate foreign exchange reserves, Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao told a briefing on Wednesday.

The comment came after a question was raised by the Wall Street Journal at the briefing on whether China will fight back against the US by reducing the holding of US bonds or depreciating the yuan.

Premier Li Keqiang made it clear at a press conference during this year's two sessions in March, saying that China is in accordance with market rules and regulations to operate the country's foreign exchange reserves, according to Zhu.

China has more than $3 trillion foreign exchange reserves, which are the assets of the Chinese people, Zhu said, noting that the primary principle for the operation of China's foreign exchange reserves is safety. And China also focuses on the liquidity and properly making profits in the global capital market, he said.

In past years, China has endeavored to operate its foreign exchange reserves based on these principles to protect the safety of its people's assets, according to Zhu.

"China is a responsible investor in the capital market across the globe, which shows our respect to the operational rules of the international capital market," Zhu said.

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