West media stir up ‘Bible banning’ rumor

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/7 22:32:30

China has recently regulated the sale of books and magazines online. Some versions of the Bible that did not have a publication serial number were pulled off the internet along with other unauthorized publications. The move was misinterpreted by some Western media.

From what the Global Times has learned, this is not a campaign targeting religious publications. Various other books related to the study of the Bible are still available if they are published through legal channels. However, China allows the Bible to be sold only through churches, not in bookstores, and some online platforms have circumvented this rule. Some Netizens have been spreading rumors that China has banned the Bible or that the country is compiling its own version of the Bible or that Christianity is under a crackdown. All these sayings are groundless. The printing of the Bible and its circulation within churches is fully guaranteed and believers have no problem acquiring a copy of the Bible.

Yet a normal market management activity is being criticized for "infringing upon religious freedom." The Bible is sacred to Christians but as a book it bears the same characteristics of other secular objects. As a book, the Bible should not be sanctified in the country's social management system.

There are many religions in China and each should stand equal in the face of management. Nowadays some religions are less prone to conflicts and the government policy is less likely to be misinterpreted when there is a dispute. But when it comes to Christianity, management becomes more complicated.

Some Western forces and media love to meddle in China's Christian affairs by misinterpreting government policies and instigating confrontations. They seem to be promoting a concept that Christian activities should follow Western practices instead of conforming to China's social reality and governance.

Promoting such an idea is not conducive to the harmony of Chinese society. Christianity has to integrate with the Chinese society. If a policy receives positive feedback from other religions it should work the same with Christianity.

The Party and the government's leadership over religious work and the lawful management of religious affairs are embedded in China's fundamental political system and are not contradictory to the freedom of religious belief. Trying to create such a problem does not come from ordinary believers. We need to stay vigilant to such attempts.

The biggest truth is that Chinese citizens enjoy religious freedom. Chinese Christians have no trouble acquiring the Bible. The rumor will soon collapse. China's social management aligns with the sound development of religions.

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