Fujian bans 4 people from State jobs for deserting army

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/8 21:48:40

Four people from East China's Fujian Province were reportedly banned from going abroad or getting a job at State-owned companies and government agencies for three years for refusing to serve in the army.

It's the latest report on young people being punished for abandoning the army. 

The four people voluntarily joined the army in September 2017. But they disobeyed the disciplines and orders and sought to be discharged from active service, claiming they were unfit for army life, the government in Jiaocheng district, Ningde said in a notice on its website in late March, Fujian Daily reported on Sunday.

Despite pleas from the army and their family members, the four insisted on leaving the service, according to the notice.

The four people violated the Military Service Law and their behavior has created a bad social influence. Therefore, they were each fined 50,000 yuan ($7,930) and have been banned from employment at government agencies or State-owned companies for three years, the release said.

Public security bureaus will deny their applications for overseas travel and "refusing to serve in the army" would be written in their hukou (household registration) system.

Ningde punished eight people for refusing to serve in the army from January to March. Those who refused to serve would get a permanent "shameful" tag in their hukou, Fujian Daily reported.

Seventeen men who enlisted in then quit the army have been sent home and blacklisted on China's social credit system, according to the military recruitment office of Jilin of Northeast China's Jilin Province in March.

Global Times

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