Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrush prized souvenir at the Boao Forum for Asia

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/19 19:48:40

Zhang Jun, founder and CEO of Dr. Bei poses with props from his toothbrush line. Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Bei

The Boao Forum for Asia themed "An Open and Innovative Asia for a World of Greater Prosperity" ended recently. During the forum, guests and political leaders were presented with a special souvenir the Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrush. Dr. Bei is an enterprise that was set up in 2016 in the Xiaomi ecosystem. The toothbrush was the only product of its kind at the forum.

The brand focused on quality over price point when creating the Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrush, using advanced materials in producing the product. The company views the toothbrush as a medical product, therefore, they adhere to very high standards in regards to its production by working with top manufacturers and the highest quality toothbrush fibers.

"Although the consumers cannot see exactly how we make our toothbrushes, we still do our best to make an excellent toothbrush for Chinese people," said Zhang Jun, the founder and CEO of Dr. Bei. "I also hope that the Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrush can bring a fresh experience for distinguished guests attending the Boao Forum for Asia."

The Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrush has been well received in the market since it was launched. During crowdfunding, 240,000 toothbrushes were ordered in the first seven days. Its daily sales reached 100,000, and the total toothbrushes sold reached five million in six months. Because of its outstanding design, the Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrush received three international design awards, the Red Dot Award, G-Mark and iF.

Dr. Bei Bass Toothbrushes for adults and children are available both online and offline. Xiaomi has 300 physical stores selling the product.

Zhang said that their strict requirements for the product are what led them to be chosen as one of the souvenirs of the Boao Forum for Asia, even though they are such a new company. Also, they believe that they have the duty of improving Chinese people's oral health and decided to combine good resources all over the world to make the best toothbrush possible.

"Dr. Bei will continue to optimize our service and product experience and produce more high-quality and affordable oral products in China," Zhang said.

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