Pilot scheme sprays jaywalkers with watery re-education

By Liu Caiyu Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/19 23:03:40

Water sprays are deterring jaywalkers in a vaporous pilot scheme at a busy junction in a Central China city, police said Thursday.

The spray posts went into action on Monday at a crossing near the People's Hospital of Daye, with damp but overall satisfactory results, Wan Xinqiang, a public security bureau officer from the Hubei Province city told the Global Times.

A laser sensor situated in the two main 80 centimeter yellow posts detects when a pedestrian oversteps the mark and then three menacing mini-bollards douse offending feet in 26 C tap water mist, he said.

"The sprayers look like air moisteners," he said. "They visually warn pedestrians not to run red lights." 

The main posts were initially designed at 1.2 meters but out of security concerns for children, were lowered to 80 centimeters.

"People should not worry about any pollution or security issues," the policeman said.

The jaywalker-shaming system also includes facial recognition that captures the offender in the act and displays his or her personal image on a giant LED screen next to the crossing.

Their information can also be stored in a social credit system, preserving permanent evidence of traffic misdemeanors.

The most frequent offenders could then be targeted and punished, said Wan.

Cities in East China's Shandong, Jiangsu and Fujian provinces have installed systems that display the detailed personal information of violators on massive roadside screens whenever they run a red light.

The Daye system posts up pictures of jaywalkers, but not their national identity card number, address or employment information, according to Wan.

If the pilot proves successful, it will be extended to other city junctions, he said.

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