Woman in hospital after hit in head by falling dog

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/23 19:08:39

A screengrab shows the moment a woman was hit by a small dog that had fallen from above. Photo: The Beijing News

A Guangdong Province woman is being treated for serious injuries after she was hit in the head by a falling dog.

The strange incident occurred Sunday in Guangzhou's Baiyun district on April 15. Security cameras caught the moment the woman was walking toward a building entrance when a small, white dog falls from above and onto her head.

The plummeting pooch knocks the woman to the ground, the impact causing her to go limp, video shows.

A witness to the freak accident appears to try and wake her, but the injured woman showed no immediate response.

However, the woman apparently had broken the dog's fall. The canine appears to hit the ground and walk away unscathed.

The woman is still in hospital under observation and police are investigating, media reported.

It was not clear from reports as of press time from exactly where or how the dog fell.

The Beijing News


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