Peppa Pig videos resurface on Chinese app

By Shan Jie Source:Global Times Published: 2018/5/3 17:28:40

User-produced content based on the British cartoon Peppa Pig has returned to a Chinese video-sharing app after the app reportedly edited out some content and vowed to crack down on misbehavior to maintain harmony of the platform.

The hashtag #PeppaPig, which previously had been removed from Douyin and could not be searched, has returned to the app, but only about 100 videos were available on Thursday.

Users have been posting their Peppa Pig "Shehuiren" tattoos, watches and toys under the hashtag, which have been trending among young Chinese, after the five-year-old pink pig became a subculture icon on Chinese internet.

Shehuiren literally means "society person," but in the online context, it refers to people who run counter to mainstream values and are usually poorly educated with no stable job.

A list of banned content, allegedly Douyin's official policy, was circulated in cyberspace on April 28. The list includes Peppa Pig along with nudity, men dressing as women, displays of firearms, cult preachings and other controversial topics.

Douyin replied on Wednesday with its "community convention" in response to the Global Times inquiry.

However, Douyin did not identify which article Peppa Pig videos offended nor replied to a further inquiry from the Global Times as of press time.

The convention states that posting illegal and political videos and items are considered misbehavior on the app, and hype against socialist values will be banned on the app.

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