Doctor develops mental illness after interrogation at police station

By Xu Hailin Source:Global Times Published: 2018/5/15 19:18:39

A doctor out on bail has been reportedly hospitalized with mental illness symptoms after spending 12 hours in a police station to which he was summoned for questioning.

Guangdong-based Tan Qindong became a public figure after he called a popular Chinese medicinal tonic "poison" on his blog, which led to his arrest in January.

Police from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region picked up Tan from Guangdong Province for allegedly damaging the reputation of Hongmao Pharmaceutical Company.

Tan was put into psychiatric care after being released on bail in April, his wife Liu Xuan told the Global Times on Tuesday, adding that the interrogation on Friday triggered the mental condition.

Liu said that police officers from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region interrogated him during Tan's 12-hour stay at a police station in Guangzhou.

After returning from the police station, Tan locked himself up in the bedroom Friday midnight before crying,  soliloquizing, slapping himself in the face, and even banging his head against the wall, Liu Xuan posted late Monday on her WeChat account.

According to Liu, Tan is in Guangdong General Hospital, with a disease diagnosis certificate reading "Tan is hospitalized due to post-traumatic stress disorder, including anxiety, panic and insomnia for four months, and its exacerbation four days ago." The post was deleted as of press time.

Tan wrote the blog post in December 2017, saying "Hongmao medicinal liquor is poison from the heaven." The public bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's Liangcheng county, where the pharma company is based, arrested him in early January.

Tan was out on bail on April 17 after the local procuratorate in Inner Mongolia returned the case to the public security department citing lack of evidence and for further probe.


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