‘The Rap of China’ launches second season under new Chinese name

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/5/17 18:48:41

The second season of 2017's Chinese hip hop music show The Rap of China will be making a comeback under a new title. The announcement of the show's rebranding comes after the abrupt removal of a number of Chinese rappers from entertainment shows and several hip hop works from Chinese streaming platforms sparked rumors that authorities in the country had implemented a ban on hip hop culture.

According to promotional materials that has been released so far, the second season's biggest change is that it will debut under a new Chinese name.

While the iQiyi show's English name remains unchanged, the Chinese name of for the second season has changed from Zhongguo You Xiha (lit. China Has Hip Hop) to Zhongguo Xin Shuochang (lit. China New Rap).

The show's producers have not yet made any official statements concerning the name change.

A 28-second promotional video that was recently released features Chinese singer/actor Kris Wu - a member of the judge panel for the first season who will return as a judge for the second season - saying that he is preparing music for the show which will demonstrate "positive energy and lofty emotions through rapping."

The show's first round of nationwide auditions began on Monday. The auditions are being held in five cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai, according to media reports. The show's also released a new poster on Tuesday on Sina Weibo concerning auditions that will kick off in North America on Sunday.

Chinese American rapper MC Jin will act as a judge for the show's North American auditions, the posters show.


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