China releases information on overseas fugitives

Source:Xinhua Published: 2018/6/7 10:27:21

China on Wednesday released information on 50 fugitives suspected of duty-related or economic crimes, including their names, photos, and possible current whereabouts.

The information also includes the gender, ID and passport numbers, former positions, date of fleeing China, and suspected crimes of the fugitives, according to a statement by an office in charge of fugitive repatriation and asset recovery under the central anti-corruption coordination group.

The statement shows that 23 fugitives may have fled to the United States, and that Canada and New Zealand are also among the main countries where the fugitives could possibly be hiding. It also exposed the communities or streets where some of the fugitives may be currently living.

The majority of the fugitives are suspected of corruption, bribery or embezzlement. Among the 50, 21 have been on the run for more than 10 years.

The office, which expects assistance from the public, also released a website that accepts information on the fugitives and said it would ensure the security of informants.

This is the second time that the office has released such information in a statement since it was established. It released information on 22 fugitives, all listed on an Interpol red notice of 100 suspects, in April last year, and has since received a number of reports on the fugitives from both domestic and overseas informants. Six fugitives have surrendered to the police so far.

China's "Sky Net" operation had captured 4,141 fugitives from over 90 countries and regions, and recovered nearly 10 billion yuan (1.56 billion US dollars) as the end of April. Among them, 825 were state functionaries and 52 were on the Interpol red notice, said the statement.

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