China responds to US trade extortion resolutely

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/7/11 22:38:40

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on Tuesday released a list of 10 percent tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods, which makes good on US President Donald Trump's recent threats to step up a trade war with China.

China's Ministry of Commerce expressed solemn protest against the US announcement and said the Chinese government will, as always, "be forced to take necessary countermeasures."

The latest tariff list shows the US has failed to subdue China with previous tariff threats and decides to ramp it up. It's unknown whether Washington means to indeed implement the list or simply to further extort China. In neither way will it subjugate China.

The latest tariffs will undergo a review process and hearings on August 20-23. Washington will decide whether to implement the tariffs around August 30. In August the White House will be deciding whether to impose tariffs on another $16 billion in Chinese products. It is obstinate on the tariff.

US extortion tricks, which are becoming more apparent, are diminishing in strength despite increasing in number. Chinese society is better aware of and fully prepared for whatever villain actions come out of the US. The Chinese government has been ready to take retaliatory measures whenever needed. While the previous list of tariffs targeted $50 billion worth of Chinese goods related to high-tech, the latest tariffs are directed against over 6,000 products that are mainly primary goods and agricultural produce.

Washington once claimed to restrict the tariffs' impact to consumer goods. But as the conflicts escalate, it is unable to accurately control the range of impact. The listed $200 billion of Chinese products, which won't threaten US competitive sectors, can provide cheap and fine commodities for Americans and substantially enhance their living standards. A hit on these products only proves that the reasons that Washington used for launching the trade war are false. The US just wants to find fault with China.

China will defeat the US trade infringement as long as it stays composed under pressure. The competition of major powers eventually lies in that of internal governance. US electric carmaker Tesla on Tuesday signed an agreement with Chinese authorities to build a factory in Shanghai, which suggests that China's opening up goes on unaffected by the trade war and is open to cooperation with companies from other countries, including the US.

Chinese society is enraged by the US trade hegemony. Some export-oriented companies in China have suffered directly from the trade war and deserve the government's help to minimize the losses. The Chinese government can adjust economics and trade toward less dependence on the US.

China is not alone in dealing with the US. The Ministry of Commerce said it will immediately lodge an additional complaint with the WTO over the unilateral acts of the US. Chinese people have become more confident in handling outside challenges. As long as China stays resolute, rational and calm, it will remain invincible against the US.

Newspaper headline: Respond to US trade extortion resolutely

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