From Wi-Fi to AI: Shenzhen’s first ‘smart road’ is on the way

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/7/17 20:13:40

A road in South China's Shenzhen is getting the city's first smart makeover, which will include everything from free Wi-Fi to AI traffic monitoring.

Slated for completion next year, Qiaoxiang Road's smart systems will include traffic lights that adjust signals based on traffic flow, LCD signs, and motion-detecting street lamps.

Lampposts in high pedestrian traffic areas will have Wi-Fi hotspots and come prepared for 5G.   

AI-enabled video recognition cameras will be installed throughout - from intersections to the LCD road signs and lamp posts.

Qiaoxiang Road was chosen for its high volume of truck traffic. Weight and speed sensors on the street's surface will monitor for common violations such as overloading and spills. 

The project is the city's first 'smart road', which will be not only enabled to monitor pedestrian and vehicle traffic using AI.

The systems also anticipate for the use of autonomous vehicles planned for the city.

Shenzhen Evening News


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