German student case distorted by West

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/13 22:23:39

Western media are hyping the case of a German student told to leave China. According to reports, 24-year-old David Missal was pursuing a master's degree in journalism and communication at Tsinghua University. For his journalism class, he reported on radical lawyers and families under investigation three years ago according to law. He then uploaded his homework to the internet. Chinese authorities canceled his visa and he was forced to leave the country before August 12.

A student researching the sensitive issue of radical lawyers sounds inconceivable to Chinese people. But Germans think it is quite normal and blame Chinese laws. This deep-rooted conflict involves differences in how the two societies understand their politics and laws.

The two sides will probably not reach any agreement. But since Missal was studying in China and his behavior conflicted with China's regulations, which side should have the final say? Obviously, Chinese laws should have the jurisdiction.

If Missal was a Chinese student studying in Germany, the Chinese people would accept he must obey German law. But the worst part is some Germans and Western people believe that their laws should play the dominant role in friction between China and the West, even in China. The reason is they believe their laws are universal.

Interestingly, voices in the West accusing China of interfering in their domestic affairs and infiltrating their countries have been increasing for some time.

Germany is one of the loud voices. Chinese students are frequently suspected of being spies or Chinese government tools of infiltration. It is unknown how many Chinese students lost their opportunities to study in Western nations.

In today's Germany, it is dangerous for a Chinese student to fight against Tibetan independence forces or Xinjiang independence forces. One may be targeted if he or she searches sensitive information. Germany has its own rules and Chinese students normally won't defy them.

The Western media outlets are now acting shamelessly. When it comes to their own issues, the outside world better not even think about touching it. When they see a growing number of Chinese people walking on their streets, they feel that their internal affairs and values are threatened.

But when it comes to China, whatever Westerners advocate is righteous. The world is supposed to be flat and Western values should spread unimpeded.

Missal seems to have only learned a little from China. Perhaps he has never wanted to learn anything from here. His behavior and remarks showed he has neither understood the logic of Chinese politics and laws, nor learned Chinese people's reserve and modesty. Yet he is very young. We cannot ask too much from him.

China did nothing wrong in this case. It handled it in accordance with the law. But the West simply has a dominant discourse.

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