Detained journo confesses he’s ‘internet pest’ that exaggerated government’s problems

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/16 15:03:40

Chen Jieren, a self-proclaimed freelance journalist detained in July for alleged fraud and illegal business, has expressed regret and called himself an "internet pest," a police report said Thursday.

Chen, formerly a government employee and journalist, is suspected of blackmail and running illegal business under the guise of "supervision of laws and public opinion," fairness and justice, said police from the city of Chenzhou in Central China's Hunan Province.

"Chen's behavior sabotaged the reputation of the Party and the government and damaged the government's credibility. His team became an evil force online," according to a statement sent to the Global Times.

Chen worked for 10 years as a government employee in Hunan Province and a journalist. He was fired for blackmail and reporting fake news.

A police investigation found that Chen registered 21 social media accounts, where he published more than 3,000 negative articles hyping, attacking and exposing others. They allegedly generated more than 200 negative public incidents and netted him millions of yuan.

"In the name of justice, I am an internet pest who has done many bad things for private interest," Chen said in a video recorded by the police.

Chen said he now feels deep regret and guilt, and urged the public to raise their vigilance when reading online stories.

Chen's case involved a total of 42 million yuan ($6 million). The alleged victims included business owners, ordinary people, government offices and officials from 11 provinces and cities.

The "family-like business" had a specific mission for each suspect and involved Chen's ex-wife, lover and brothers.

"I exaggerated the problems that local governments had," Chen said. He allegedly told police  that he exploited the cadres' caution toward politics and forced them to obey him to avoid risk.

Chen also offered legal services in the name of the Beijing Hualin Managing and Consulting Company which he established in 2016, but the Global Times found out that legal services were not part of its operation services.

Chen received at least 6 million yuan helping others solve disputes and judicial cases under the guise of "supervision of public opinion."

The company didn't provide invoices for many of its services, said Chen's lover who worked as a lawyer for him.

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