US report on China’s military reveals its guilty conscience

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/17 21:53:40

According to a Pentagon report on China's military and security developments released on Thursday, China is pursuing a nuclear capability of its long-range bombers and the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is likely training for strikes against US and allied targets. The report also claimed that the PLA is also likely preparing a contingency to unify Taiwan with the Chinese mainland by force. 

Any army needs to be prepared for the worst scenario that the nation might face. If China releases a report on the US military developments which details US army's attacking ability against China, the report must be even more alarming.   

As the world's second largest economy facing significant strategic risks, China will certainly develop its nuclear triad capability. Its nuclear deterrence serves not only as a cornerstone of China's national security but also as a key balance to ensure world peace. The nuclear capability of a big country represents the nation's military strength and its political strength. China's nuclear capability is not designed for use in war but for preventing the possibility of war.      

China initially only had land-based nuclear capability before developing nuclear-powered submarines. Replenishing its airborne nuclear capability is only a necessary next step and a direction of nuclear power building for which China does not need to conceal.   

The PLA will surely develop its air force with long-range strike capability. The Pentagon suspects that the PLA is training for strikes against US bases in the Pacific region. It shows that the US bases in the region are very likely training for actions against the Chinese mainland and are worried that the bases will face retaliation during wartime.  

There are many other countries and targets within the radius of Chinese air force's long-range operations, but none of them show signs of worry. Why is it that only the US bases in the Pacific are worried about PLA's potential threat? The US' guilty conscience is self-evident. 

As for reunification of Taiwan with the Chinese mainland by force, it is the last resort of the mainland for solving the Taiwan question but also one of the top strategic tasks of the PLA in its capability building. The prerequisite for peaceful reunification of Taiwan is the mainland's capability of using force to launch the action. Otherwise all wonderful wishes are reduced to empty talk. The more unquestionable the mainland's capability of reunification of Taiwan by force is, the less likely the "Taiwan independence" forces are able to stir trouble. Conversely, "Taiwan independence" forces are likely to take risks. This is evident to the mainland as well as to the US and Taiwan. 

In the 21st century, China's top priority is uninterrupted development and realizing rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It would be perfect for China to avoid war. During the past three decades, China has never had any major military conflict with other countries and regions. It is our hope that peace can continue for another three decades or more. The military capability building of the Chinese mainland is primarily for preventing war. 

While China is developing its strategic nuclear capability, the country is also honoring the principle of no first use of nuclear weapons. If all countries that have nuclear weapons announce no first use of nuclear weapons, the world would be different. 

The US' technical analysis of the PLA capability is one thing, the Pentagon's publication of the analysis to hype the "China threat" is another. As a big power with by far the biggest defense budget in the world, the US does not hold moral ground allowing it to hype the military threat of other nations. When the US appears so bold to hype the threat, it proves Washington has totally lost its moral high ground and conscience. 

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