Vietnam video website requires island sovereignty test

By Xu Hailin Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/22 21:57:45

A Vietnamese video streaming website showing popular Chinese TV series requires Chinese visitors to answer a questionnaire on South China Sea over several islands before using the site.

The website uploaded the still-to-be-aired episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace, a hit Chinese teleplay which has been viewed more than 10 billion times as of Tuesday.

However, the website requires Chinese IP address users to answer a questionnaire. 

One of the questions is, "Which country do the Xisha and Nansha islands belong to?" The choices are Vietnam, China, Philippines and Japan, but visitors must choose "Vietnam" to open the web page, the Global Times learned on Wednesday.

"That's nonsense. The test would not change the fact that the islands are an inalienable part of China.  That makes me sick," a Beijing-based fan surnamed Guo told the Global Times on Wednesday.

The website has become popular because Chinese netizens could watch more episodes there in advance. Some are wondering how the website could broadcast so many more episodes.

Chinese streaming platform iQiyi, which has the exclusive online broadcast rights, told the Global Times on Wednesday that the Vietnamese website pirated the series.

The Dongyang HUANYU Media Co. Ltd., who owns the copyright, Monday announced on its Sina Weibo account it would firmly defend its legal rights and interests and those of its partners.

"Anyone who infringes on copyrights by spreading still-to-be-aired episodes should immediately stop and remove such content," HUANYU Media said.

Some netizens reacted angrily. "It's a shame to use such a test against the Chinese while violating China's copyright," "AdaWong6666" wrote.

The website also broadcasts other TV series of China, including Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace that began broadcasts on Tencent Video. As of Wednesday, the website has uploaded 10 episodes of the drama, the same as on the Tencent platform.

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